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40 - 5’11” - 185 ”
Brown Hair - Blue Eyes
Primarily Straight

10th Anniversary Video

Back in April when I first began thinking about the ten-year anniversary of ClubAmateurUSA, my wish list of returning models included Avery, Billy, Geoff, Shayne, Kole, Darius, Mateo, and the model you see today, Grant. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to reconnect with Grant & another whom you’ll see next week. A couple of others I found on Facebook but they did not respond to my email, and two others I found again on Adult FriendFinder, but that was back in June when AFF was being a douchebag toward my recruiting profiles & shortly after confirming interest from Darius & Mateo, my profile was deleted, and when I tried to get back in contact with the two of them, their profiles were also deleted. So, the returning models list was narrowed to two, and I couldn’t be happier.

Grant recently turned 40, and other than little greying around his temples, he looks just as good as the day he first filmed for me in August 2003. Wow… It still does not seem possible to me that ten years have passed since I first began filming content for the launch of CAUSA, and here I sit today, ten years later, one of two remaining employees of Badpuppy after having returned two years ago as the contracted producer for ClubAmateurUSA. To say the least, the past six months have felt quite surreal.

With CJ at the helm of Badpuppy, I absolutely love the revitalized energy & interest in CAUSA’s success. He immediately returned the site to weekly updates & then added the second update per week with the “CAUSA Classic” line of videos. Looking back through all of my old content refreshed many fond memories of former models & sent me on a journey to learn of their well beings today. Unfortunately, we lost Tomas at too young an age in January 2012. Others have gone onto successful careers & marriages & children. Unfortunately, some followed paths of drugs & crime. And for a few, their respective ride on the CAUSA massage table not only introduced themselves to their authentic sexual being but also to an acceptance of their authentic sexual orientation. For others, participation was simply sexploring their respective curiosity & placing it back in the proverbial closet once the lights & cameras were put away.

As for Grant’s return, we went “old school” & filmed an original concept video, “A Rub & a Tug.” Grant was always a challenge for me in terms of me being the one to bring him to orgasm. As you’ll hear him say in today’s video, it’s quite a rarity for someone else, regardless of gender, to stimulate him to orgasm. Here we are ten years later, and Grant was rock-hard & with little effort I brought him to one helluva orgasm.



Casey Black


28 - 5’8” - 165 ”
Brown Hair - Blue Eyes
Straight & Open Minded

10th Anniversary Video

Shayne originally filmed with me on November 23, 2004 when he was 19 years old. Between 2004 & 2006, he shot seven videos for CAUSA, and with one in August 2007 & one in March 2008, this 10-year anniversary video makes for Shayne’s tenth shoot for CAUSA & me. I think back almost nine years ago & giggle. I’ve practically watched him grow from a teenage boy to a well-rounded, successful young man. Makes me smile, and as I expressed to him, very appreciative that he (and so many others) chose to sexplore on video for ClubAmateurUSA.

As I wrap up this ten-year anniversary celebration with this shoot with CAUSA’s most prolific blue-eyed (always a rollin’ back up in his head) boy-toy, Shayne, I must take a moment to express my utmost gratitude to my former business partners & CAUSA founders, Jeff & Val, without whom these ten years would not have been possible. It was wonderful to see them two weeks ago in Scottsdale & reminisce about those first five years, and I have to give a shout out to Carol & Julie who were my open-minded, lesbian landlords who never expressed one qualm with me smut peddling out of their Old Town complex, but most importantly, I give them my love & appreciation for ten years of an amazing friendship with lots of laughter & a few tears, good music & movies, the good the bad & the ugly of American politics, and untold bottles of great vino, vodka, & gravy (Carol’s homemade marinara). Of course, without the wonderful folks behind the proverbial curtain at Badpuppy, CAUSA would not have made it to ten months, much less ten years. So, to Bill & Steven, Lisa & Ray, Jeff, Ferrell, David, Mary, Amanda, Ben, Curt, Jamie, Jonathan, & Max, thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and for putting up with my passion that I expressed via voluminous vitriol. I know there were moments where it wasn’t easy.

As I look forward to the next ten years, much gratitude to Badpuppy’s new owner, CJ, who is giving me the opportunity to continue to live my passion.

Finally, there are two groups of folks without whom there would be no ClubAmateurUSA. Firstly, for every man, young & not so young, who graced my doorstep & opened yourself up to “sexplore. your. curiosity.” on video & the CAUSA massage table, I am forever in your debt. Secondly, from myself & all of the afore mentioned to all of you who have supported & remained loyal to ClubAmateurUSA for ten years, we are humbled by your generosity. Thank YOU for getting us to ten years!

And without further adieu, I give you Shayne’s tenth CAUSA video…



Casey Black


22 - 6’3” - 175# ”
Brown Hair - Hazel Eyes
Straight & Open Minded                    

Braxton was a surprise discovery on Craigslist when I was in Scottsdale shooting anniversary content. His personals ad was looking for another couple for he & his girlfriend to play with. Seeing his pic, I thought that I’d take a change & email him. I was even more pleasantly surprised when he responded within minutes to express his interest & excitement. A day later, Braxton was moaning & groaning with labored breathing on the CAUSA massage table…



Casey Black


26 - 6’0” - 165# ”
Black Hair - Brown Eyes
Straight & Curious

Today’s video update is the last of the Scottsdale shoots, and it’s more representative of a CAUSA Classic given that I shot it in July 2006.

At the time, Diego & I had been in contact on Adult FriendFinder, and he was very interested in sexploring his curiosity, but he was also very much on the DL. After months & months of email exchange, he finally agreed to come over for a preliminary interview. Now, typically, I do not film during a preliminary interview; I’ll take a few pix, execute the Adult Model Release Agreement, make a digital copy of their current, valid photo ID for proof of age, and send ‘em on their way to later follow up if I feel that the guy is good for CAUSA. During this particular late night / early morning prelim, Diego was insistent that he wanted me to film. So, I took some digital stills & setup one of the Canon GL2s on a tripod.

What transpired between us was solely based on Diego’s desire to sexplore, and after watching the video this week for the first time since I originally captured him on film, I thought, “Holy shit, that was HOT!” As a result, this video is a natural reflection of the proverbial “casting couch,” and afterward, Diego rushed back into his closeted world & decided not to shoot “A Rub & A Tug” video for the site.

Although I never originally intended to run the video, it wasn’t until 2008 when Diego appeared on AmateurStraightGuys that I resolved to pull it out of the archives & present it to all of you in its raw form. Of course, shortly after I made that resolution, ClubAmateurUSA sold to Badpupy, and I retired from smut peddling.

So, here we are October 2013, celebrating ten years online, and now you get a front-row seat next to the CAUSA casting couch to see 26 year old Diego having a… er… uhm… stimulating sexperience with another man for his first time.



Casey Black 

(Source: update for April 19, 2013:


20 - 5’9” - 135# - 8”

Brown Hair - Blue Eyes

Straight & Open-Minded

Declan was somewhat of a surprise shoot. Although I anticipated filming on the road enroute from West Texas to Cocoa, Florida & had an idea in terms of who I would be shooting, it wasn’t until I arrived Houston that I happened across Declan’s AdultFriendfinder profile. When I saw his pix, I knew that I would love to capture him on video, so I added him to my “Hotlist” & went about business. A few hours later, I received an email from Declan.

Pleasantly surprised to learn that he was interested in shooting a video, I quickly scheduled Declan for 2 PM the following day. The next morning he confirmed our appointment (wow, a responsible young man), and then right before shooting time, the comedies of error began.

Let me just say here & now, the Sprint mobile network in Houston, Texas SUCKS ASS (and NOT in a good way). It seems that Declan arrived my hotel, texted me to alert me of that fact, and I did not receive his SMS - nor did I receive any of his subsequent texts. Of course, during this time, he is receiving my texts inquiring as to his whereabouts. Finally, at 2:33 PM, my phone blows up with his previous five texts, and by this time, Declan has left the building.

Upon finishing my phone call to him & his return to the hotel, HPD is sitting in the parking lot, and Declan ain’t getting’ out of his vehicle till the fuzz is gone. Well, suffice it to say that our originally scheduled 2 PM shoot began at 4:30 PM, and I had 5 PM, 8 PM, & 10:30 PM shoots scheduled. Talk about a big-ass crazy day!

Anyhoo… Yet, I digress…

As you’ll hear Declan discuss during the interview, he once had a drag queen blow him in a bathroom, but that’s been the extent of his male:male sexual interaction… until he crawled onto the CAUSA massage table. And let me just tell you, if Declan was not aware that his manhole was one of his most sensitive & pleasurable erogenous zones, he sure as hell is now!

Holy G Spot, Batman! I think I may have turned Declan into a power bottom! And to think, his shoot with me was girlfriend approved. LOL!



KJCash Acquires Badpuppy Enterprises Inc.

By Bob Johnson

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013

COCOA, Fla. — Gay affiliate program announced today that it has acquired all outstanding shares of Badpuppy Enterprises Inc. and Dog Gone Media, Inc.

"Badpuppy was the first gay membership website on the net, and long been one of my favorites," Craig Jackson ("CJ"), CEO of KaiJack LLC, parent company of KJCash said. "I am thrilled to welcome the Badpuppy sites into our successful network and look forward to the expansion opportunities they open up for us."

The company said Badpuppy originally started out as a BBS and was converted into the first gay adult membership site in May of 1995. It flourished and has been an industry leader throughout the last 18 years, continuing to be ranked as a leading gay mega site on the net.

In addition to Badpuppy. com, the company also operates and the VOD network Dog Gone Media.

"Both Steven and I are very proud of the growth and success that Badpuppy has experienced over the past 18 years. There comes a time when you just know it is the right time to move on and pursue new adventures, and that time is here,” Badpuppy’s Bill Pinyon said.

He added, “I have known CJ for years both personally and professionally. He has proven that when he says he is going to do something, it gets done. He has my complete support and I know that he has wonderful plans for both the sites and the affiliate program.”

KJCash was launched in October 2008 after Jackson sold a previous program. It has quickly grown into a leader in the gay porn industry and currently includes 24 sites, DVDs, VOD, clip sales and leased webmaster feeds.

Badpuppy also noted that its PuppyCash affiliate program was the first to pay affiliate referrals to webmasters, touting on-time payments for more than 16 years.

The deal was facilitated by Chad Belville as counsel for KaiJack LLC. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

CJ can be reached at and Pinyon can be reached at



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